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It's what's on the inside that counts

Sweets and Smiles Bakery is located just outside Branson West before you get into Kimberling City in a little cedar log cabin with a red metal roof. Look for the Stoneridge Business District sign off Highway 13 and venture off the familar path to find some hidden gems on the old Highway such as our little Bakery. ​Our kitchen is adorned with two large commercial ovens, a smaller oven for smaller treats, and shiny tables for prepping. If you happen to see that big tower in our kitchen it is our sprinkle collection, you might say we have a slight obsession with sprinkles, but who doesn't?!? Our dining room offers plenty of space for you and your family to sit and enjoy your favorite treat with a cup of coffee. Outside seating is also available.

everything is...


Debra, the owner of Sweets and Smiles Bakery, has been showcasing her creative skills in the kitchen since she was a young girl. Her mom sparked her love for baking. Her fondest memory is when her mom would sit her down on the counter and talk her through whatever she was making. She included her through explaining everything she was doing, step by step, ingredient by ingredient. This is where the magic began. Debra's favorite thing about baking is the ability to take simple ingredients and make something amazing; and of course eating it, without a doubt she loves her sweets. Sweets and Smiles started as a little side business out of her home and now the little log cabin Bakery on the old highway.

Amanda is Debra's daughter and side kick at the Bakery. She can be seen helping customers choose their favorite sweet treats at the counter when she isn't in the kitchen making breakfast. She has a real talent at the savory breakfast items our customers have grown to love. A woman of many talents she also is working with all our couples as our wedding consultant bringing their wedding cake vision to reality.

The two as a duo work very hard and take great pride and enjoyment in making truly amazing sweet treats and breakfast just for YOU. 

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